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Aligned + Ambitious Author Bundle
Get the same process my clients and I have used to create schedules that actually work for us, allow us to effectively manage writing and marketing, and stop feeling like we are falling behind every. single. day.

Here’s the thing:
Success is not an accident.
Success is something we make happen on purpose.

That means we have to have a vision for our success and we have to have a plan for our success.

When you have these two things you’re so much more likely to succeed.
When I started my own author business journey I noticed a pattern that occurred:

When I had a focused plan...

I felt more inspired
I felt more productive
I felt more accomplished

And I produced better results.
When I didn’t have a focused plan…

I lacked motivation
I felt stuck
I felt frustrated

And I didn’t accomplish much at all.

I hated the feeling of not accomplishing anything. I hated feeling stuck. I hated feeling unmotivated to write my books or complete my marketing tasks or build my author platform and so I went on a mission to find out how to not only get amazing at creating a focused plan, but how I could integrate important rituals and habits into my plan so I could get the most out of myself.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that things can happen that we have zero control over. While we can plan for success, it doesn’t mean to say things aren’t going to pop up that derail us.

This is why it’s not just about setting goals and planning… it’s also about getting intentional about who you want to be and the habits you want to have for yourself.

It’s these things that make all the difference when we face challenges. It’s what helps you to swim, not sink.

So not only do you need to set goals and plan for success, you also need daily, weekly and monthly success rituals and habits to keep YOU on track.

Inside this bundle, you are going to find two powerful products to help you become a more aligned + ambitious.


  • Lesson 1: Your Current Reality - I walk you through doing a time and task audit. Both of these are really important to get clarity around.
  • Lesson 2: Making Space To Thrive - Get a general overview of the 3 hats an authorpreneur wears - the CEO, the Creative, and the Marketer. We will go through the basic jobs of each role.
  • Lesson 3: Your CEO Routine - Learn about the importance of setting aside time to wear your CEO hat, to review your progress and results, and to make any required adjustments to your plans. You'll also get a complete checklist for effective CEO dates to help you stay on track and achieve results. 
  • Lesson 4: Thriving Scribe Moments - I'm often asked how to juggle it all as an authorpreneur. It took me a while to develop a system that allowed me to have both creative freedom AND maintain marketing + biz admin tasks. But finally, I developed what I call Thriving Scribes Moments. When paired with the CEO dates, it creates an entire authorpreneur system that has just enough structure and just enough freedom.
  • Lesson 5:  Your Authorpreneur Schedule - Following my Ideal Week Calendar system, designed to help ensure you’re taking action on the most important things every single week to move your business forward, we'll bring everything we've discussed together to create your personalized ideal week!


  • Lesson 1: Your Success Plan - I’m going to share the most important things you need to focus on during the year ahead to create the success you dream of. We’ll also be tuning in with your thoughts and feelings and identify the type of energy you need to bring to the new year.
  • Lesson 2: Your Release Plan - In this lesson I'll be sharing my method for planning your book release schedule for the year as well as getting important dates and workflows into the calendar - minus the overwhelm.
  • Lesson 3: Your Growth Plan - Marketing your books and brand more effectively, growing your audience and turning them into readers doesn’t have to be complicated - in fact, the simpler the better! So in this lesson I share exactly what you need to focus on to see amazing results!
  • Lesson 4: Your Authorpreneur Game Plan - This lesson is all about really stepping into your role as CEO. I share how to create an authorpreneur CEO plan for the year. You will also discover the questions you need to ask yourself as CEO.
  • Lesson 5: Your Action Plan - In this lesson I’ll show you how to build out your annual plan, break it down into monthly focuses, and how to brainstorm Q1 tasks so that you can stay on track and make quick progress.


If you’re ready to make next year the best year ever for your author business, then this masterclass is for you! We all feel a little lost and overwhelmed sometimes about what we actually need to focus on to make progress and generate results, so if you’ve been feeling a little stuck but ready to have an epic year ahead, you’re going to love this masterclass! We’re going to plan out your schedule, create your milestones, and get really clear on the most important tasks for every quarter, week, and day of the year so that you can create so much success!

Plus get these 3 bonuses:
  • BONUS: PLAN + TRACK WITH NOTION - In this lesson I will show you how to build out your annual plan into a project management tool, in this case, Notion. Inside the template, you will be able to add in your big, annual goals + monthly focuses and break those up into bite-seized daily tasks so that you can stay on track and make quick progress.
  • BONUS: MANIFESTING SUCCESS VISUALIZATION - The Manifesting Success Visualization is a 12-minute program to help you to relax, release any doubts or worries that are holding you back and focus your attention on achieving what you want in 2021.
  • BONUS: PRIVATE STUDENT FACEBOOK GROUP - When you grab the masterclass, you'll be invited to my private student-only Facebook group, Thriving Scribes VIPs. This is where you can contact me directly and it's full of other incredible authorpreneurs, just like you.

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Included in the Masterclass:

  • The full Authorpreneur Schedule Training
  • The full Epic Annual Success Masterclass
  • All of the workbooks, templates, + tutorials
  • BONUS: 1 Notion Template + Tutorial
  • BONUS: Annual Success Visualization
  • BONUS: Private Student-Only Facebook Group
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